The secret of a great team is the successful of a great work!

The  History

Costa & Martinez Group, manufacturer with a single objective: maximum quality and customer satisfaction, based on the union of two companies.

Grupo Costa & Martinez, is the association of SPECIFIKLINES, UNIP & T-TRADE S.L., united in the design and construction of injection molds, as well as in the injection of thermoplastic products for their production.

With effort and work we managed to increase and modernize our machines, being able to serve companies in the electronics and automotive sector, advising on the design and possible solutions that adapt to their needs.

We have a group of designers, mechanics and injectors that can solve your needs in molds for the Plastic Industry and thermoplastic injection.

Take advantage of our extensive experience and professionalism on work.

Costa & Martinez Group, specializes in the manufacture of products of the highest level and quality. Try to convince a committed team with an exclusive offer to their customers.

The Group bases its business competitiveness on a global concept of quality in products and processes and management. Quality is the differential that differentiates our products and services in the market. It is the key to the level of excellence that we impose in external and internal relations. The concept of global quality is a process that is gradually implemented in all activities of the company and is defined as the objective to be achieved by the entire organization.

Summary of our sales

We work with the utmost speed and diligence

We offer exceptional value for money

The best professionals in the sector collaborate with us!