About the Group

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The  companies

SPECIFIKLINES, UNIP was founded in 2014, with the purpose of being able to provide service of quality to their customers, through a long period of experience in the industry molds sector, with headquarters in Marinha Grande Portugal

Rute Costa actual owner of SPKL, decides to join to T-Trade an from a Group Costa & Martinez in 2020.

T-TRADE, has extensive experience in industry molds.The Palazon family is known and distinguished in Barcelona for its long-standing roots in the plastics mold industry, with generations of mold companies for the industry since 1965.

José Palazon Martinez  actual owner of T-TRADE, decides to join to SPECIFIKLINES an from a Group Costa & Martinez in 2020. 

                                          THE GROUP


The mold company has the latest systems CAD / CAM, using software, PROe ZW CAD, HyperCAD and Hypermill. Equipped with high-precision and high-speed machinery, constantly updated and maintained, together with permanent self-control, it ensures the precision and quality of the final product. It stands out in the production of technical molds, up to 2000 Kg, with dimensions 600x600mm, for injection of plastic parts according to international standards.


We give you your final part with quality

Our Injetion company bases its activity on the transformation of plastic material, through the injection process. With modernized equipment to improve its productivity and competitiveness, it works meticulously with implemented quality management systems (ISO 9001). Efficiency, precision and quality are key values ​​to guarantee the success of each project and product.

The Injector discusses with the group his suggestions and improvements of the conception of the mold, so that the injection parts comes out perfectly, and the customer stays satisfie.

Because we are a team.


The company bases its activity on the support machining in our group in order to give an optimal quality in the cutting of the mold, helping to manufacture those necessary parts of the mold that are not seen.
Also specialized in EDM cutting, a vital support in our team.

All the support is necessary for we delivery the product in time to our customer.

We want to see our customer satisfyed.